Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Franco 'Slomo's New Mercedes crashes in Chitungwiza

Sulu and Franco
Orchestra Dendera Kings’ new signing, Francis Slomo Dhaka’s Mercedes Benz has crashed into the gates of a house in Chitungwiza. The accident occurred last Friday but there are conflicting reports as to who was behind the wheel. Slomo said he did not have a licence while other people said he was the one lost control of the vehicle and rammed into the gate at House No. 8176 Unit K in Chitungwiza.

While the gate was knocked down, Slomo’s benz was not damaged. And in a desperate bid to save himself from embarrassment, Slomo is said to have quickly negotiated with the landlord, one Mr Kabike, and offered to repair the gate, it has been established. This was done in no time at all.

When H-Metro visited the house in Unit K, residents confirmed Franco’s close shave with death on his first day behind the wheels. “Mind your steps as you enter because the gate is not yet firm after the repairs. The gate was damaged last Friday but the repairs were completed yesterday,” said a young girl at the house.

Kabike, confirmed the accident but said it was not Slomo who caused it. “Yes the gate was damaged last Friday but it was not Slomo although I know him. I feel it’s unfair to mention the name of my relative who caused it but get it from me that it was not Franco,” he said. When H-Metro caught up with Slomo yesterday, he said.

“I can’t confirm that issue but what I only know is that my car had a dent and I suspect it was my friend who might have been involved in the accident. “I will ask him and he ought to explain. “As it stands, it might be my car which was involved in that accident but to be honest I was not behind the wheel when it occurred. Get it right from me,” he said. Slomo confirmed to H-Metro yesterday that he was yet to secure a drivers’ licence.

“I can drive as you can see but I don’t have a Drivers’ Licence. I’m afraid of the cops to be honest. I don’t have it (Drivers’ Licence) but I hope I will have one soon,” said the talented dancer. 

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